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There are many benefits of using an individual filter regulator and needle valve for your AODD pump. You will always be able to run the pump with right air quality and optimum pressure and speed to save energy. Furthermore the lifetime of pump components will increase. The kit includes a filter regulator, gauge, wall bracket, needle valve, and/ or water separator. The filter is 5 micron and regulator is 0-12 bar.

Available models:
6-050-001F FR/NV1/8” 1/8” (for pumps TR9-T80)
6-200-001F FR/NV1/4” 1/4”(for pumps T100-T225)
6-400-001F FR/NV3/8” 3/8”(for pumps T400-T425)
6-800-001F FR/NV1/2” 1/2” (for pumps T800-T825)
6-050-002F FR/NV/WS1/8” 1/8” (for pumps TR9-T80)
6-200-002F FR/NV/WS1/4” 1/4”(for pumps T100-T225)
6-400-002F FR/NV/WS3/8” 3/8”(for pumps T400-T425)
6-300-002F FR/NV/WS1/2” 1/2”(for pumps T800-T825)

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